Joint Venture: Develop a Plot in Jumeirah Village – Dubai

Opportunity for a property investor to partner with a plot owner to develop a project in Jumeirah Village with a reasonable return on investments starting within less than 18 months.

The plot is 19,665 sq feet (1,827 sq. meters), almost a complete square with 40 meters facing the street.

Jumeirah Village – Dubai

The project is approved for a building of G + 16 Mixed Use (Hotel, Hotel Apartments, Residential or Commercial).

The investment is required to finance the construction of the building and shares in the SPV would be pro-ratia based on today’s market value of plot and prices of building materials and labor.

Exit plan: As soon as the construction starts after acquiring all necessary approvals and assigning the main contractor, the investor can exit based on the value of his shares sold to a new investor/s. However, we prefer the investment is to be until the building is totally completed including fit outs for maximum profitability, this would be around 18 months from commencement of construction.

Total investment required: Approx. 110 Million Dirhams (US $30 Million)

Return on investment is expected to be not less than 30% once project is completed within 18 months despite market being slow. If the market picks up again by the time of completion and investor decides to exit then ROI would be expected to exceed 50%. However, if investor decides to stay and be the majority shareholder of the project once completed and operated, the ROI would be 8% for the first year after project completed and 10% on average for the coming 6 years after.

Further information:

Brokers unless you have a serious investor with proof of funds please don’t waste your time.