Investor Required for Housing & Infrastructure Projects in a European Country

Looking for an investor partner for a number of infrastructure and housing projects in a European country for short/ medium or long terms.

Ideal partner should be smart, open minded and have appetite for growth. Over-smart and jumpy please excuse. Brokers are welcome to bring in their partners but should also be smart and open minded as I don’t like to waste time.

Infrastructure and Housing Project in Europe – Image for indication purpose only

Infrastructure projects returns start after 2 years so no instant return, although an exit plan is in place but shouldn’t be after 60 days minimum. Background of the business is not much required as we can simplify it if required.

Investment entry required can be as low as US$2,000,000 and maximum as US$12 million. Return expected to be not less than double after 2 years. Projects total cost estimated at Euros 1.15 Billion. It includes: Roads, tunnels, bridges, housing units and a recreational and entertainment center. EPC cost can be reduced and profit increased with an up to 20% of the total cost through one of our prominent consultancy firms.

Amount invested by the proposed partner will be used partly to continue with the seed cash, establish an SPV for each project, initial payments for project managers until the approved credit line is utilized. If the investment by the proposed partner is more than $5 million, the credit line might not be used.

Interested party must have a proof of funds ready if required or a company/ business profile.

Initial contact through email, if viable I’ll reply back: