The fastest track to obtain a European 2nd passport by way of investing in the real estate market through this offer. Invest minimum 2 million Euros in properties in one of the leading real estate developments in Cyprus and get your passport in 6 months time only. The investment is yours, the appreciation in the

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In the new digital world, a host of up to 2000 digital currencies have emerged, and some of them take the major market share and some are even competing with fiat currencies and online money transactions. Bitcoin is leading the market share as of now, followed by a few other main currencies and here’s where

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Constructing a water canal might be one of the oldest construction work in the history of human beings on our planet initially done to flow water for irrigation, but to construct a water canal for a major property development, that’s a visionary work. A more than $2 billion project will add up much more in

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