Dubai Water Canal Development

Constructing a water canal might be one of the oldest construction work in the history of human beings on our planet initially done to flow water for irrigation, but to construct a water canal for a major property development, that’s a visionary work.

Dubai Water Canal

A more than $2 billion project will add up much more in the Dubai property market in addition to changing the shape of the city which used to have a  creek only and now the creek extended back to the sea creating a massive island and flowing fresh sea water through a main vein of the ever developing city, even Google Maps is finding difficulties to cope up with.

We did team up with property brokers and construction companies to identify the best investments in the new development and came up with the best suitable most profitable high-end development projects benefitting from the new Dubai Water Canal Development. Total investment for one of these projects reaches up to $620 million of cost with a very high ROI over 16% in 3 years. 

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