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Kangen Water – Return to Origins
you can also call it the Fountain of Youth

Invest in your own health and the health of those who you love most. The main investment you can make this year is in the protection from harmful diseases affecting your health and the health of your loved ones and many of them can be easily avoided by drinking clean natural water.

How to achieve that, especially if you’re living in a city or a place far from the fresh springs water source? It’s easy with the Return to Origin Kangen water machines.

The Japanese company Enagic produces the Kangen Water machines in Japan. It changes the water’s nature to set your desired pH at different levels of Alkaline for drinking or Acidic for disinfection and detergents.

The machine can also make the water powerful with anti-oxidant.

I might not be a health expert, but the results I’ve seen are stunning, from boosting the body’s energy, to help with better digesting, to clean the vegetables and fruits from pesticides, otherwise very difficult to do so with normal tap water, all the way to fighting diabetes and cancer.

Different Kangen Water machines that suits your style and budget

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Finance of purchasing the machines over 12 months payment plan can be arranged, terms and conditions do apply.*

Nour Jabi: Independent Enagic Distributor Worldwide

Sales representatives – world wide with a flair for marketing are invited to contact me to discuss ways of cooperation in your region. Very promising returns especially if you’re a dedicated person with the ability to understand the importance of Kangen Water machines and other important products of Enagic.
Don’t forget to quote our Enagic Distribution ID in your purchase: [8900928 – AED]