Housing Projects in Saudi Arabia

A huge shortage of houses for Saudi families is a well known fact, and also to the large expatriates community living in the Kingdom. A Saudi Housing minster estimated 3 million Saudi families do not own a house, not to include the future growing demand.

Saudi Housing

Taking in consideration the will of the Saudi government to support providing affordable housing for the citizens and residents by ways of supporting banks lending, we have partnered with a few Saudi owners of plots designated for housing projects in Tabouk, near Mecca and near Riyadh.

We are looking for more plots in Saudi Arabia licensed for housing projects, of any size to deliver turnkey housing projects including finance. All regions of the Kingdom close to major cities are of interest.

Investors wishing to join this portfolio are also welcomed. We are forming Sharia compliant joint ventures to design, build and operate such projects and share revenues among all partners.

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