EU 2nd Passport

The fastest track to obtain a European 2nd passport by way of investing in the real estate market through this offer. Invest minimum 2 million Euros in properties in one of the leading real estate developments in Cyprus and get your passport in 6 months time only. The investment is yours, the appreciation in the […]

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Constructing a water canal might be one of the oldest construction work in the history of human beings on our planet initially done to flow water for irrigation, but to construct a water canal for a major property development, that’s a visionary work. A more than $2 billion project will add up much more in

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An investment is required to develop a few residential buildings in Dubai, location is directly on Sheikh Zayed Road opposite Jebel Ali Port. The total investment per building varies depends on the size of the building, one option is a G plus 8 floors with a built up area around 90,000 square feet, approximate calculations

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We are in the process of allocating a good number of properties owned by expatriates in Dubai where we will be managing these properties on behalf of the owners against an annual fee through the new venture. Management of properties is part of wealth management of assets of individuals and families, also of companies and

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Opportunity for a property investor to partner with a plot owner to develop a project in Jumeirah Village with a reasonable return on investments starting within less than 18 months. The plot is 19,665 sq feet (1,827 sq. meters), almost a complete square with 40 meters facing the street. The project is approved for a

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