Investment Opportunity for Car Freaks

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a major shareholder in a car brand from manufacturing to service, maintenance and spare parts, to sport shows and showrooms. We are reviving a legendary car.

The small investment amount will be mainly used to support the 1 or 2 production lines at the plant of one of the leading European car manufacturers in addition to buying a new head office in the home country of the brand in Europe.

Collection of super sedan cars – picture is purely indicative and borrowed from the net!

The car is a super sedan vehicle with a breathtaking 2.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/ hour. It’s your daily car in addition to its super powers. Above all, it’s fully loaded with all options you’d expect in a top luxury car and it’s very fuel-efficient.

Not more than 500 vehicles each year will be produced of each of the 2 models, the owners of these masterpieces will pride to be between the very few who own such machines.

Your investment is Euros 50 million only against which you’ll be the major shareholder of the brand, yes the brand that owns the car and not only the car, and the sky if not beyond will be the limit. We’re planning multiple exposures of the 100 years old brand that would generate outstanding revenues.

Production of first vehicle would be in 18 months, the 2 concepts of the first year models are already done and tested.

Further information: but first check if you can afford this venture and make sure your health is fit for such enthusiasm.